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By Miniata

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

hi very new to here.....been gardening for 7 years as my job...wondered if ayone has ideas for climber/vine...for a gallery above a swimming pool? has to be low maintenance....(apparently) ...i was thinking citrus espelliers? it has a gallery am thinkin a little victorian showpiece...anyone help me pleeeease



Miniata, I am a bit confused. Is the pool indoors? Is the climber to cover the front of a seating gallery above the pool?

3 Feb, 2011


Don't know about ABOVE a swimming pool, but a golf club I used to go to had a wonderful Clematis growing all around on a trellis in an outside swimming pool, Cannot remember the name of it, but Theres loads that will suit, I'm sure.

3 Feb, 2011


I've never grown them, but I'd have thought that citrus espaliers would be a huge amount of work - quite the opposite of low maintenance.

4 Feb, 2011


ok.....its a gallery/walkway above the pool....using planters think they want to see vertical greenery spaced the same all way along on both sides....also thinking about chemicals from pool rising with vapour?

the pool is actually underground with the greenhouse (dummy) above with cold frames as windows.....a total waste of glass if u ask me but hey ho!

6 Feb, 2011

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