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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

Would onion sets do well in pots ?
Or would it be best to plant them in the ground ?



Mine do Hywel. I grow all my veg in containers. The onions red and white are not huge but are tasty and approx. 2.5 -3" across. As good as many I could buy in the shops.

4 Feb, 2011


Thank you. I'll try them then. I think it would be easier than having them in the ground.
I don't want big ones anyway. Smallish will do fine :o)

4 Feb, 2011


I was reading somewhere that onions should be planted on 4" ridges. I have never done that but I wondered if anyone else does it. I suppose it would help when you are trying to keep them weed free.

4 Feb, 2011


I never did that when I grew them in the ground. It sounds a good idea though, to help with drying out when ready for picking maybe (?)

4 Feb, 2011


I saw the War time Kitchen and garden programme yesterday. I was pleased to learn how to string up onions. You ease them out of the ground and dry them off as soon as they start to wilt and do not cut off the stems. When thy are dry you tie one onion on to a string then you take a pair of onions and join them together by winding the dried stems together so you end up with an onion a joined up stem and then another then twist that around the string close to the tied on onion. You continue up the string and end up with a very professional looking string like the French Onion Johnies used to sell. It is so easy.

4 Feb, 2011


I always used to do that lol. My father showed me how when I was young. His grand-father showed him :o)

Will you be trying it this year ? They do look nice.

4 Feb, 2011


Yes I have my onions in already but will probably find them keeled over with all this rain. I still have some to plant. I love onions, raw with apple and ham and a green salad.

4 Feb, 2011


Yes they're nice raw in a salad :o) We've had alot of rain in the night, and it's been quite windy aswell. A bit quieter now though.

5 Feb, 2011

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