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is anybody able to give me advice about how to prune/ tidy up my dwarf apple tree before spring arrives? i'd like to take as much care of it as possible as i'm hoping for some fruit this year. thanks.



Well my advise from my growing with the moon blog still stands prune your apple tree on the following days 13, 15 -18 and 20 – 28 February when the Moon is descending.

5 Feb, 2011


And don't prune it a lot. Apples bloom and bear on old wood, so I would just cut out crossing branches, and maybe cut some of the longest twigs back to side branches. Too heavy a pruning could cause the flower buds to abort as it tries to put all its energy into recovering from what it thinks is a red deer attack!

5 Feb, 2011


As T says, keeping the centre of the bush open, to ensure good air circlation is important. The old guide was to prune so you could throw your hat through the centre of the tree. Trouble is, with dwarf bush varieties, some hats are bigger than the trees! Worthy

6 Feb, 2011


lol Worthy

6 Feb, 2011

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