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I have Harvest Fayre rose in a container - still has roses on it - when should I prune it?
Also have a hydranga in a pot ( only have small patio) covered with dry leaves and cellophane round the pot - it has green buds on it - when shouls I prune it - I live in london

On plant Thanks that is very helpful - the roses are still alive.



Don't prune the hydrangea till April - by then you should be able to tell which bits are dead and which aren't. Remove any dead tips, spent flowerheads from last year, and any dead wood.
If your Harvest Fayre is still flowering, then wait till its not, dead head by removing a good length of stem back to an outward facing bud. This is a small rose, so won't need hard cutting back, but take the opportunity to remove any crossing stems that may rub each other, any damaged or dead stems, and remove any dead tops of stems. If the roses you mention as being present are actually dead ones, then cut back now.

6 Feb, 2011

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