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How easy are streptocarpus to grow from seeds or plantlets as i live in Spain and im finding it hard



Growing from seed is similar to African Violet seed:

In a propagator, between 18º and 22º C, with a good sterile seedling mix.
Sow the seeds on the soil surface, and don't cover. Mist heavily for the first watering, and keep the propagator lid on.
Keep the propagator in bright, indirect light, or medium filtered sun--60% or dimmer.
After a week or two, tiny seedlings should start to show.
When you have a good crop, prop the propagator lid up on a horizontal toothpick to start the hardening off process.
At this point, you need to keep an eye on the soil moisture--any sign of the soil surface drying should be met with a heavy mist.
If your tap water is hard, use RO purified or distilled water, instead.
Once the seedlings have a few true leaves, you can mist with a VERY MILD solution of soluble fertilizer.
Prop the propagator lid slightly more open every week, until you can take it off completely.
Once the seedlings are 3-5 cm tall, they can be pricked out into tiny individual pots, or several to a small azalea pot, to grow on.

It is also possible to grow them more simply in a well lit pot that is kept misted several times a day, but there are trade-offs. The germination rate will be lower, and almost all of the seedlings will eventually flower purple or blue, since those are the most vigorous colors.

9 Feb, 2011


Also....if you look at the GoYpedia page "S" will find full cultural information on these fantastic plants. Enjoy:-))

9 Feb, 2011

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