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Good morning I have planted this years tomatoes in a vegtable seed compost,put the tray in an heated propagator some 6 days ago.The money maker have already come through and are about 2" long but are very thin and leggy.The trays are on an East faceing window window sill.
Have you any advice on how to prevent this "leggy" problem as I have other seeds in the trays.
Many thanks
Bill Martin



Hi Bill, welcome to GOY. the simple answer to your question set them too soon,March is plenty early enough.Hope this helps.

10 Feb, 2011


Oh i've put mine in today :( said on the packet Feb/March

10 Feb, 2011


I agree with Tulsa too soon to be sowing tomato seeds. I'd throw that lot out a sow again in mid to late March. Once the seeds are through the ground they need a lot of light otherwise they will keep growing up looking for it.

To be honest we don't start our tomatoes from seed. We only need about 6 plants so we simply buy them from a local nursery, that way we get good strong well grown plants that can go straight into our greenhouse (can't grow them outdoors up here in northern Scotland).

11 Feb, 2011

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