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Calling all Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' growers: I've just bought this for the first time


By Bamboo

London, United Kingdom Gb

Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' growers:

I've just bought this for the first time, never grown it before - and therefore only just noticed an anomaly. My RHS encyclopaedia says this plant is half hardy. My Reader's Digest encyclopaedia says this plant is hardy down to -15 deg. C. Now, I may be getting old, but I've checked, and I haven't made a mistake, that's what they say. So anyone who's grown it, what's your experience? I know its shortlived, but is it hardy - which one's right?



Survives here and we are as cold as anywhere in England. It does need well drained soil in a sunny spot and you do need to take cuttings every year 'cos it does have this nasty habit of dying off for no apparent reason.

11 Feb, 2011


Thanks Owdboggy - seems the Reader's Digest is right and the RHS is wrong then, I'm glad to say, perhaps its just a mistake.

11 Feb, 2011


I have it in my garden and it has been surviving the winters here in Birmingham. The reason i bought it was because it was presented as hardy. Like Owlboggy i take cuttings as a precaution.

11 Feb, 2011


Haven't grown it for many years but it always came through the winter. Don't know about the type of winter we've been having recently though. It died of "premature" old age in the end!

11 Feb, 2011


Thanks Lily and Rohima - I am very happy to conclude the RHS book is wrong!

11 Feb, 2011


it is short lived but hardy in my garden [-12 this winter] But I take of cuttings every august just to be on the sfe side.

11 Feb, 2011

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