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Can someone please advise on seeds that should be planted straight into the ground. I realise that I have made a bit of a mistake! I planted some larkspur seeds into seed trays. Whilst they have germinated and are looking quite healthy I now realise that they don't like being transplanted! I have some left, also some godetia and my question is - If I plant the seeds into biodegradable pots first and then plant them later, pot and all, will they be ok? My thinking behind this is that if I did that, their roots would not be disturbed. (For various reasons I don't want to have to plant them straight into the ground yet but would like to get them started).



Yes, that should be fine - but having done exactly this myself years ago, sowing in seed trays and then potting on, I didn't find too much trouble with having enough plants to grow on successfully, root disturbance or no.

14 Feb, 2011


Thanks a lot Bamboo. I'll give both ways a go and see what happens!

14 Feb, 2011


I grew Godetia last year - by chucking the seeds where I wanted them on the ground. In summer they self-seeded all over the place and the seeds germinated last autumn. The seedings are fine despite the snow and freezing weather we've had and I reckon they're growing slowly now.

I haven't grown larkspur, but you could sow the godetia direct in the ground when the weather warms up enough for the seeds to germinate.

14 Feb, 2011


Good idea Beattie to just chuck them on the ground. I might give that a go!

15 Feb, 2011

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