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By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

This Hosta was identified to me when purchased as 'Joyce Trott' but I am suspicious that this is not correct. If anyone can confirm my suspicions and if so help me with an identification I would be most grateful.




Definitely not Joyce Trott - looks more like Jack of Diamonds.

15 Feb, 2011


I've Googled it and it certainly seems a good match although someone else has suggested Frances Williams and I am struggling to see the difference between the two!
I'm also nagging the supplier to identify what he actually supplied. Difficult isn't it.

17 Feb, 2011


Frances Williams is what's known as a Giant, meaning it is very large, with large leaves - Jack of Diamonds is a medium, whereas Joyce Trott is a small. I don't think its Frances Williams myself.

17 Feb, 2011


Thanks for the clarification, Bamboo.

17 Feb, 2011


Difficult though, as you say - there are so many similar varieties, so sometimes the only guide is what size they're supposed to be. there's a pretty good site for ID of these - Mickfieldhostas. Thousands of the things...

18 Feb, 2011

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