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How do I control Elephant Hawk Moth?


By Colin

United Kingdom Gb

Hi Everyone.
I wondered if any of you have ever been invaded by the Elephant Hawk Moth. We have a few established fusia's in the garden and whilst these caterpillers are nice to look at they devoured the fusia's. Are they likely to return again this year and how do I control them please.





They are beautiful creatures and mine only seem to arrive late evening - so how about netting off your favourite fuchsias?

17 May, 2007


I was invaded by these a few years ago and when I telephoned our Natural History Museum they recommended willow as an alternative - luckily we live near a stream where there are loads of willows so thats where they went.

17 May, 2007


Fortunately I only get a few each year so am willing to sacrifice Fuchsia foliage to them, I think they are wonderful but perhaps my opinion would change if I had an infestation :0)

24 May, 2007

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