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By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

I received two Penstemon today by post...P.'alice hindley' and P. 'blackbird'...both arrived in polythene bags, beautiful root systems about fist sized...Is it too soon to put them into the ground, should i pot them on and keep them indoors and could someone please tell me weather i should tease the roots before planting or not?.....




Blimey, must have long roots on then - obviously you need the bottom of the roots at the bottom of a pot, and yes, I'd pot them up - but I have a small one bought last week just showing growth, and I've got it on the balcony - it was outside when I bought it, so I'd be inclined to pot them up and stand them outside, then move to their planting positions once they've started growing and got big enough.

17 Feb, 2011


I would say they were in pots before postage, Bamboo...I'll put a pic on.......Thank you...

17 Feb, 2011


They look healthy Motinot.In view of the weather forecast given for it to turn colder,I would pot them up too,but give them some shelter if it does..I do hope they are wrong..

17 Feb, 2011


Thank you Bloomer....Should i tease the roots a little,? as you can see they are fairly compacted...:>)

18 Feb, 2011


I see - I assumed yours were bare root. Yes, I'd tease them out a bit before repotting - would have been easier if they'd sent them in the pots they've so obviously been turned out of for posting, lol, then you could have repotted later on instead.

18 Feb, 2011


Thats true Bamboo...I have teased the roots and potted them on (not too big)...I'll keep them in my cool room for now...Thanks for your help Bamboo....

18 Feb, 2011

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