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I have a 14 year old cotoneaster tree which has suffered badly from the hard winter we have had here in Derbyshire. Most of the leaves have turned brown and fallen off but there are a few signs of new growth coming through. I wonder if you could suggest something I could do to help its recovery?



Do nothing yet - wait till end of March or April to see how much new growth you get - by then you should be able to tell if there any actual dead areas, and you can then cut back or cut those out. Cotoneasters are only semi evergreen at best, so dropping their leaves in such a bad winter is no real surprise.

18 Feb, 2011


Wait till the weather warms up a bit in early spring and then see how much is reviving and do a tidy up then if necessary. There is a good chance it will come back to life.

18 Feb, 2011

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