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We have just purchased a beautiful Copper Beech, purpurea. in memory of one of my hubbies scouting pals and we are planting it at our local district HQ. What is best to add to the ground before, during & after planting please as way as feed & mulch?
Thank you.



Dig over the area thoroughly, not just the hole you're planting in, add some composted material and some fish blood and bone or bonemeal. Beech does not like heavy, wet soils, so plant somewhere suitable. But the most important thing is water - for its first two years, you must make sure it gets at least 2 gallons a week during dry spells.

18 Feb, 2011


I agree with Bamboo's suggestions. the soil around the hole should be enriched too to help the roots grow out.

what a lovely gesture.

18 Feb, 2011


Thanks very much, great advice, I will do just what you have suggested. Thanks. x

18 Feb, 2011

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