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will basal cuttings taken this year from dahlias, flower this year?



Possibly not but depends on weather i would think. They will grow this year and start 'making' tubers which will then flower next year. Give them good care this year, feed, water andtry to keep snails away, and they will build up reserves ready for next year.

19 Feb, 2011


thanks nicky. would i need to lift the tubers from the pots in winter and store in the usual way, or could they stay in the pots but be brought in to a frost free environment?

19 Feb, 2011


If the cuttings are kept well fed and watered they should flower the same year.

19 Feb, 2011


With tubers in pots I like to lift them , store them for the winter and then give them new compost if they are going back into a pot the following year. All I can say is that this method works for me.

20 Feb, 2011


thanks everyone, as always your help is greatly appreciated x

20 Feb, 2011


I bought an' Arabian Night' Dahlia tuber,last year,took 3 cuttings off it,and they all grew well and flowered....

20 Feb, 2011


thanks Bloomer. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

27 Feb, 2011

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