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I need a small group of conifers [of varying sizes and colours etc.] to form a bed in the middle of my fairly sheltered and south facing lawn. I have sandy soil and the garden can get hot in Summer. I need the conifer group for privacy reasons so can't be all dwarf ones ones.Has anyone done anything similar?



thank you for your comment, bamboo, perhaps I am a bit eager for Spring, your'e right it's still Winter!

19 Feb, 2011


Maybe some Arborvitae (Platycladus orientalis) included? They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and they love hot, sunny spots. Of course, one or two just as part of the bed, with the other conifers, also a few medium-textured deciduous shrubs and flowers for contrast. Bluespruce probably has a better idea of the other conifers that will do well there. Be aware that some of the faster growing conifers, such as Leyland Cypress, can be real thugs, with thirsty, hungry, invasive roots!

20 Feb, 2011


thanks tugbrethil,
haven't heard of arborvitae [tree of life?] so just off to look it up. Blue spruce sounds good, a nice contrasting colour.

21 Feb, 2011


Our fellow member, "Bluespruce", also knows beaucoup plenty about conifers, and is worth sending a private message to. : )

22 Feb, 2011

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