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I thought I had a vitis 'cog' in my garden that seemed to die in Autumn. Turns out it was a vitis Brandt, but it seemes completely dead anyway, gnarled looking at the moment and no sign of buds. My question is, should I get it taken out now and replant in April, or wait a bit longer in case it is only playing dead? What do other people think that have this plant in their garden?



I don't have this plant, but what I do know is its far too early for it to be showing signs of life. It isn't yet spring, it's actually still winter, and these plants can often be as late as April before showing any signs of life.

19 Feb, 2011


thank you bamboo, I guess you are right, it IS still Winter, but I wanted to know if other people on the site had a vitis brandt that looked the same as mine, ie. no buds or signs of life, just don't remember it looking so very dead last year.

19 Feb, 2011


Our grapevines are just now starting to bud, and the 'Roger's Red' isn't even that far yet. All of the Vitis that I am familiar look really dead when dormant, and are slow to leaf out, especially after a hard winter--which we have been having, too, here in the subtropical desert.

20 Feb, 2011


I think its your perception, Freeasabird - there's a noticeable tendency on the part of people in general this year to think its spring, and has been spring for 3 weeks. Must be 'cos we were all expecting more snow and ice in February, and the last lot was mostly before Christmas or just after for most of the country, meaning it seems long enough for it now to be spring. Even I succumbed to the general zeitgeist and bought a load of perennials 2 weeks ago, when I normally wait till early March, lol.

20 Feb, 2011


thanks everyone for your wise advice. Yes, bamboo, I think you are right, we just feel entitled to Spring!This perks me up and I shall wait a bit more patiently for signs of life [I give it until mid- May, then it goes in the brown garden bin.]If need be though, I shall plant another one as it looked fab against the red brick of the house.

21 Feb, 2011

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