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Would you advise growing potatoes in the same area as the previous year?



Hello Tim,

I think rotation between veg beds/areas is always better if you can. We divide ours into "Roots" "Brassicas" and "Others" - eg beans, peas, spinach, rocket... and other kind of leafy things.
I'm sure a couple of experienced growers on here will advise you further.

19 Feb, 2011


Definitely better to plant your potatoes in a different area of your veg. garden each year. Copy and paste the url below into your web browser for a full explanation of crop rotation and the reasoning behind it.

19 Feb, 2011


Hi Tim,
I couldn't agree with the two comments above more. But I can only report what hubbs does and he's no gardener, bless.
He has grown spuds in the same spot for years. Every year, he uses the duck bedding to mulch the whole plot. He has found that earlies are best as the plot is full of keel slugs. He has also found that blight affects lates worse. But we always get loads of spuds from the site. He grows sharpes express and anya's.
But he is going to follow a chap from a gardening mag (can't remember which mag), who never weeds his spuds. Things like dock and tall leafy plants protect the spud haulms from blight, an air borne disease. Not my idea of gardening, but I shall be interested to see how it works and will let you know later in the year.

20 Feb, 2011

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