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This sounds ridiculous, but is there any way to discourage bees from my butterfly and hummingbird garden?



You're right, it does sound ridiculous, lol! I can't think of any way you can - what butterflies and hummingbirds like, bees do too. So you either grow only double flowered plants and have no bird or insect visitors, or you grow nectar rich ones and attract the lot - probably including moths at night.

20 Feb, 2011


Just curious but why would you want to stop bees visiting your garden? They wont bother the butterflies or the humming birds.

20 Feb, 2011


without the bees you would not be able to enjoy the other wildlife you get. It's a fine interlinked balance is this amazing thing called 'nature' Winnie.
How wonderful that you get hummingbirds visiting.
I wondered if perhaps you were allergic to bee stings ? if so I could understand your situation from a medical point of view.

20 Feb, 2011

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