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By Pamsco

Midlothian, Scotland Sco

Moss is taking over my lawn when can it be treated? I did an autumn treatment raked, aerated and scarified didn't seem to do much at all? Now the lawn is turning a vibrant lime mossy green. What are my options? Thanks, Pam



It sounds as if you have treated the symptons but not the causes of moss Pamsco. You will find that if your garden is in heavy shade the moss will soon return no matter how often you treat it. Another lesser known cause is mowing in-correctly. If each time you mow you cut it too short, moss will soon re-invade. The same will happen if you have set the blades correctly but you only cut when the grass gets too long. Regular routine cutting should keep your grass thick, preventing the moss getting a foot-hold.

Lastly watering, ( if you are able too!) can also affect the moss. If your lawn dries out and then receives a soaking, moss will grow much quicker than grass. Hope this helps!!

Treat the moss with lawn-sand in spring, you can give a second dose 6 weeks later. Good luck.

21 Feb, 2011


Thanks Tiger. It is a very shady garden where the moss is growing. It's our first spring and summer in the house so we will get regular with the mowing. Thanks for your reply, very helpful. Pam

27 Feb, 2011

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