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By Cmj

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I brought my Sago Palm into the house over the winter to protect it but it is now looking decidedly brown and brittle. Can anyone advise me as to what feed I should give it to revive it. I would be most grateful for advice as I really love this plant and don't want it to die.



It doesn't like the dry, hot air in your house. Harden it off by standing outside for increasing periods over a week, until you finally leave it out all night. These plants withstand up to -10 deg C, though temperatures as low as that may cause the leaves to drop, but the plant recovers in Spring. The big problem in Britain for these plants is the damp - that's the thing they can't cope with, cold damp. If you want to bring it into the house next winter, you really need an unheated, bright room.

23 Feb, 2011


Thank you for this advice. The Sago is standing in a fairly cool place upstairs in front of a large front window which gets the morning sun (when it shines?) which is not very often? I have not overwatered it and the room is not very warm at the best of times. I feel that it needs some nourishment and was wondering if tomato food would be any good for it? I will take it outside as you suggest but have been nervous in doing this as the weather here has been so cold and damp for weeks!!When do you think that it would be the best time to leave it outside as the weather is still so changeable?
Thanking you in advance. cmj.

23 Feb, 2011


Unless we get more snow and ice and general arctic conditions, start tomorrow - stand it outside around midday and bring it in again at 2.30, repeat the next day, then put it out earlier, bring it in later, and so on. Not much point in feeding it currently, it's not growing anyway. Feed mid March.

23 Feb, 2011

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