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i have a palm tree, bought in cornwall, about 15 yrs ago, it is really sturdy, about 25 ft high, diameter at bottom about 50 inches, but with the snow it was about 6 inches on the leaves, now they are falling off in droves, will the tree recover



With a diameter of over 4 feet at the base, I'm not sure what kind of palm you've got - usually people mean Cordyline, but that seems rather too large. Have you any idea what kind of palm it is? Trachycarpus fortunei?

23 Feb, 2011


That does sound a mighty beast. It'll be chamaerops or trachycarpus, but a good size for either in this country. Leaves dropping off isn't a good sign, and sad if it's got that big. You can only hope that come about June/July time signs of new growth will show. Worthy

23 Feb, 2011


I've never seen a Trachycarpus more than 15 inches in diameter! If that's the circumference, it's a bit more likely, or it might be a hefty Cordyline.

23 Feb, 2011

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