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Cordilyne frost damage.

In St Albans most Cordilynes are looking very unhappy having been flattened by the early snows of last year.My 2 large green 20 foot examples flowered and seeded last last year (white berries).I already have lost 4 containerised plants which have rotted in the centre.
One on the large plants is bleeding a red/orange slime(fungus) at ground level to 30cm high (the same thing is happening in my daughters garden a mile away).The tree is also losing its leaves.

Has anybody got any advise.Should I cut them to ground level and hope they shoot from the root ball.

If they die off completely can I replant with new cordilynes without taking out the root ball.

Or any other advise please.

Red_slime Losing_leaves



Well if its any comfort, I've seen a lot worse this year. Wait till April - if the rotting has got worse, such that its oozing loads of orange gunk and the trunk is splitting, then cut it down to the base. If that doesn't happen, just wait again - it may well start growing from higher up the trunk, or from the base, off the roots, but that you won't know without waiting till probably June. Cut back when you can see where it's growing from, and if that's the base, then cut it right down.

24 Feb, 2011

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