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Carol Klein when sowing seeds in trays, covers them in tiny gravel, where can I get this please



Sounds like vermiculite or perlite and you can get it from all garden centres B&q etc have a look at the link this gives you a explanation to what it is

24 Feb, 2011


I think she (Carol Klein that is) does actually use grit or gravel - have a look at the garden centre, they should sell small bags of horticultural grit or gravel. And I mean small, hand sized.

24 Feb, 2011


Failing that, grit for budgies, from the pet store, will also work, though it has more lime--sometimes a boon, sometimes a bane.

24 Feb, 2011


I wondered about the grit they sell in pet shops to go in fish tanks - it's always dusty though, and I'm not sure what that is. I've used it after washing it thoroughly first.

24 Feb, 2011


I have tried both grit/gravel,and Vermiculite...didn't find any difference in germination results...although I do prefer grit/gravel to mix in with compost in pots,for drainage..

24 Feb, 2011


If you have a local pet shop that sells things in bags and they sell poultry supplies, Hen grit works out cheaper than hort grit. especially if you can buy it by weight.

25 Feb, 2011

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