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Very Sick Palm Tree

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Hello - I had had a look at the previously answered questions on very sick palm trees. We have two and having checked some pictures I believe they are Cordyline. They are very mature and large and have not coped at all with the last winter. They have both lost all leaves and the larger one has a very wet trunk and what I thought was some sort of mould - pinky orange... I'm now very worried I have a terminal tree/s. Is there anything I can do to help them, or must I just leave them alone and see what happens in Spring?
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Hello Margot and welcome to Grows on You :-) You've read lots of questions on Cordylines and their answers - we're getting several every day, and I'm sorry but there isn't really anything to add.

The tree with orange goo could be cut off below the oozing area to prevent the ooziness spreading, but Bamboo says that some people no longer recommend doing this.

So I'm afraid there's nothing to do but wait and see if they regrow - either on the trunk or from the roots and cut off the dead growth when you know where it is. Good luck!

24 Feb, 2011


If the trees are still standing, then I'd leave them for the time being, but keep any eye on the one oozing orange stuff - you probably do need to cut it down beyond the damaged or leaking area, but that is much better left till April if you can. Cutting then means you may induce new growth from the base which won't then be caught by late frosts. If the other one isn't oozing, then leave it alone as long as you can, up till end of June if possible - it may yet shoot up the trunk or from the base and when it does, that's where you cut back to.

24 Feb, 2011

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