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I've got a small bay leaf plant, the leaves of which I use for cooking. I've just tidied it up a bit & have quite a few twigs I've cut off with leaves on - What do you think is the best way to dry the leaves? (I use the leaves straight from the plant for cooking - but could also do with some dried ones sometimes, to save going outdoors in the rain). Thanks.



I'm not sure this is the right thing to do, but I always do this anyway - I just tie some string onto the bottom of the branch and then tie onto the unused curtain pole above the window in my kitchen, so that the leaves are hanging upside down. Works for me...

24 Feb, 2011


That's what I would do too.

24 Feb, 2011


Many thanks, I'll do that - I did it before & the leaves went really tiny & shrivelled so I wondered if there was a better way.. but it was a different plant - I think this one's sturdier. Thanks Bamboo & Moon.

24 Feb, 2011

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