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This Hebe is in a friends garden and I wonder if it may be 'Purple Queen'? Correct I.D. would be appreciated with thanks.




Having Googled it does look very much like "Purple queen"

Having said that there are several completely different hebe's on the google page claiming to be purple queen!

24 Feb, 2011


I see what you mean ... have just looked on the Hebe Society site and found an image of Purple Queen aka Amy ... not quite convinced it's the same one!

24 Feb, 2011


It looks like the one I had which was indeed 'Purple Queen'. Unfortunately, it didn't like the cold weather in 2009. :-((( I got mine from Wisley.

24 Feb, 2011


Sorry to hear that, Spritz. This one is quite sheltered, greenhouse to one side of it, it's about 4ft. tall. I'm tempted to take a cutting!

24 Feb, 2011


Hebe's take really easily from cuttings Shirley.

24 Feb, 2011


I think mine has succumbed to the bad weather, SH.It looks very blackened. Do I leave it and see? It looks very poorly!

25 Feb, 2011


I did take cuttings from mine, and they grew into good little shrubs. You can guess the next part of this sorry tale, can't you. Yes, they're now all dead. :-(

Izzy, leave it a while - until May if you can bear it. It might still produce new growth.

25 Feb, 2011


Yes, will leave it but it looks awful now...sure it's dead! I've lost quite a lot of mature as well as new plants.


28 Feb, 2011


Join the club, Izzy. :-((((

3 Mar, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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