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Nice nettle?


By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

I quite like this plant that is growing in great profusion in the wooded part of the garden. It spreads by sending out tendrils across the surface of the ground and when it finds a spot to its liking, sends down roots and then carries on looking (a bit like ground ivy, though this spreads underground as well). I fancy alowwing it to grow in selected areas as it seems it will be easy to keep it under control. It would be nice to have a name for it, for when I'm talking to the plants. Can anyone help with identification?




From  what  I  can  see  of  the  photo  it looks  a  lot  like  silverleaf. When I was a child I used to collect it for a gentleman to put in with his tobacco to smoke.

19 Sep, 2008


I think it is Lamium maculatum. I use this as a container plant because of its invasive nature, it looks good trailing over the edge of containers.

19 Sep, 2008


You're right Xela that is it's Latin name.

19 Sep, 2008


And it is very invasive - you have been warned!

19 Sep, 2008


I think it is Lamium galeobdolon YELLOW ARCHANGEL and as Andrewr says very invasive. I once planted some in a woodland area and wiped out several much more worthy plants

19 Sep, 2008


I agree it can be invasive. I have one in an old chimney pot and it trails down the sides. It does make efforts to escape but I find it easy to pull up.

20 Sep, 2008


I agree with Poaannua. I have this in my garden and yes, it's invasive, but not hard to control. Just pull it out in handfuls if it goes where you don't want it to! It makes good ground cover and the flowers and leaves are pretty.

20 Sep, 2008

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