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How far should I cut pampas grass


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

brought a baby PAMPUSS Grass last year&have been told 2cut it rite back2ground level in spring is this true?should i remove all the leaves?It has no steems as yet ?

On plant Cortaderia



Cutting Pampas grass back to the ground is normally done once the plant is getting older and congested in the middle. For the first few years you need only remove the old flowering stems in early spring and pull out any dead leaves. Do be very careful, the leaves have backward facing barbs. You can put your hand in, but rip it to shreds when you pull it out!. Watch your face too when bending over the plant.

5 Feb, 2008


Thanx4 your warning&know how of this lovely plant : )

5 Feb, 2008

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