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Whats wrong with my Bay Tree? Signs of Life curl and brown tips.

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have two bay trees in pots which have always done well. I add slow release fertiliser and some compost in spring and they are in a sheltered area where they get moisture when it rains (a lot this season !). This year they have started to look a bit unhappy and show signs of leaf curl, with browning of the tips, especially in the younger new growth. I read about an insect parasite, but can't see anything with the naked eye. Can anyone suggest what this is and what to do about it?

On plant Laurus nobilis




It is a great shame Bay Trees are liable to this attack. Mine all get it. I remove all infected leaves and shoots. I imagine Provado spray would keep them down , but removal is all you can do to existing damage and a close watch to remove any future attacks.

20 Sep, 2008


The name of this is illness Sphaerotheca pannosa after i don't know the english common name

21 Sep, 2008


I remove all the dead leaves & jet spray with washing up liquid (diluted) using wahing up liquid bottle.It seems to work.

21 Sep, 2008


I have heard Epsom salts is good for bay trees, but do not know how much to give them, and when, I have a tree in a big pot , and it has started to go yellow,

15 Oct, 2008


If you look under the leaf that is curled, you may spot an insect infestation, a white webbing, like the insect cocoon area is in the fold where the leaf curls. As the others suggested, use dishwashing soap (aka washing up liquid) diluted with water, enough to make suds. This should stop the leaf curl bugs from attacking anymore.

good luck

13 Aug, 2009



I have had my bay trees for over 6 years they have always been really healthy and big, however, lately I have notice a lot of the leaves have gone brown some are yellow also there are littlle holes in them and it does not look as bushey as it always did I don't know if they have some sort of dieseas on them. Help wood be very greatful as I really don't wnt to lose them.


18 Sep, 2009

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