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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

I wonder could anyone tell me the name of this beautiful indoor plant. Maybe Australian or New Zealand Goyers may taken during trip there last year.




Oooh - that's lovely! :-)))))

25 Feb, 2011


Very nic eplant, loos more outdoorsy to me :o)

25 Feb, 2011


Aren't they gorgeous flowers Barbara, outlined in white.
Thanks was in a large pot in a restaurant lobby...thick, heavy stem though, so maybe could grow outdoors there.

25 Feb, 2011


It's a beaut! that's an Aussie accent, I hope you noticed :)). Really hope someone can ID it!

25 Feb, 2011



It looks like a Duranta erecta(Giesha Girl plant) have look at the link below
You can also puchase the seeds from ebay


25 Feb, 2011


Thanks Steve . . . I followed your link, and thought I'd mention that it says the Geisha Girl plant is highly poisonous. Shame, as it's so lovely!

25 Feb, 2011


Thanks very much Steve....I've just had a look and yes that's it definitely! Had a good read about it, if I had a conservatory, I would grow one....:o) Thanks again.

There you are Sheila, no worries, Steve's cracked it....:o))

25 Feb, 2011


Posted together Sheila, what a shame it's so poisonous, beautiful but lethal!

25 Feb, 2011


But you weren't thinking of cooking it, were you? lol

28 Feb, 2011

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