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Hi, my goldfish had babies 18 months ago (about 60!) and they have survived the past 2 winters. This year however as the weather started warming up they have started dying its getting to be 1 every other day (12 so far). Does anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to stop it?? any help much appreciated. (FYI there were alot of dead frogs in the pond after the ice had melted which I removed asap if this has anything to do with it?)



The water has been contaminated by the dead frogs etc. also is there enough room for so many fish as they grow. Take all the fish out into a holding tank and change the water in the pond which will give you a chance to refresh pond weeds, mussels etc.

27 Feb, 2011


My Nan and Grandad had a pond, but no holding tank, so they emptied most of the water using a bucket, but left enough for the fish to survive and then they turned the hose on to fill up again.

That should work in cleaning the pond up.

27 Feb, 2011


I would do a partial water change nless you can do a full clean. I use a kids paddling pool as a temp home for the fish. netted to stop cats etc have a fishhing spree.
How big is your pond as that is important in deciding how many fish you can have. Is the pond filtered / waterfalled? as this is important in aerating the water.

27 Feb, 2011

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