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Morning all....I have at last had my massive sitka spruce and ivy clad/dead rowan trees removed from where they were doing their best to knock down the boundary wall and get their roots back into the drains! Being "preserved trees" I am obliged to replace with more manageable problem as I hate the "exposure" I now have and adore my trees.
Different sorbus of course would fill the BIG gap but have any of you any better suggestions to put forward - bearing in mind that it can be a windy site with east to west (and vice versa!!) prevailing cross winds.
Something colourful and even evergreen - if you get my drift and berried preferably for the bird-life which used to punish the old rowan - before the ivy smothered and killed it off!
Any suggestions would be very welcome - remembering that I am on the chilly salt-laden coast of North East Bonnie Scotland!
I am off to the garden centres this morning to browse...but look forward to your "offerings" - please and thank you!
Yours aye



Amelanchier lamarkii has pretty white blossom in April, followed by berries and bronzey/green leaves. Not evergreen though, and grows to about 15ft. The birds love Cotoneaster and Pyracantha which are toughies!

27 Feb, 2011


Thanks Sheilabub...I had wondered about the Amelanchier ...have no experience of it.
Had a prowl in Dobbies today and they had some rather handsome Sorbus Golden Wonder - for about 30 quid - nice ones about 8' tall which is what I want....too long in the tooth to plant saplings...AND see the benefit...LOL

27 Feb, 2011


I thought of Rowan just reading the title. Many Sorbus would fit the bill. I have Amelanchier and it is very hardy. They use it as plantings on the north east coast too [Sunderland actually]. What about a crab apple?
Sorry not much help.

27 Feb, 2011


Hi SBG...thanks - yes crab apple would be nice too and I already have a little Golden Hornet on the other side of the garden - so I know that it would "do" well. I am always surprised that the birds don't eat them - they sure do in other gardens. I guess I should make jelly...LOL

27 Feb, 2011


couldnt you use a nice varigated acer tree or maybe a large acer shrub .

28 Feb, 2011


Thanks NP....LOL nice idea but I already have several acers in the garden and at that side - there is a strong prevailing wind which would burn the foliage. It has to be something sturdy that can cope with the sea laden gales...LOL
I have found a source of nice different coloured Sorbus will probably just play safe and buy as big ones as I can (and can afford!!) so that I might just live long enough to enjoy the benefit of my new "screen" ;>>))

28 Feb, 2011


how about a weeping cherry there realy nice or even a weeping silver birch there stunning all year ?

1 Mar, 2011

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