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By Davr

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Poppy seeds from last year.

I want to start them off for this season.

How best should I begin & when, bearing
in mind I do not have a greenhouse ?



Hi davr have you got a sunny window sill?
You could sew them into small trays and put into clear poly bags. I have just sewn marigold seeds I collected in the autumn, I've done mine early because veggies alway take over in the next few months.

27 Feb, 2011


which poppy is it? if its the annual sorts them I'd sow the seed where you want them to flower. If the perenial forms then sow in pots now and prick out and grow on when there are 4 or more true leaves. Plant out when the plants are growing strongly.

27 Feb, 2011


To "Chicken" & " Seaburngirl"

Many thanks to you both, your tips
will be applied very soon.



27 Feb, 2011

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