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i have grown sprouts in the uk the first time i planted the seeds in 2010 and when they have grown all the sprouts have blown instead of being balls can you tell me what i have done wrong please thank you irene ann



The usual reason for spouts 'blowing' like that is that the plants were not planted firmly enough or were planted in loose soil. "Plant 'em with an 'ammer, " was the old advice.
So next year when you plant them out, plant then as deep as the first set of leaves and press the soil down round then with your heel.
If they still 'blow' you can still eat the sprouts, just treat them like tiny cabbages.

27 Feb, 2011


Hello irenemiles this happened to me last year, and I heeled my plants well and even staked then to avoid wind rock. I put my blown sprouts down to the hot weather we had early on in the season. I don't like to water with a hose so I am limited to how many watering cans I can lug around. I will try again this season and plant them nearer the water but. Good luck with your next lot.

27 Feb, 2011

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