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this morning i bought one in wilkinsons for £2

Kuwait Kw

this morning i bought a cupressus wilma in wilkinsons for £2.98, i just want to know if its safe to keep it inside, and if so, whats the requirements for it? x thx x

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Unless Kuwait is cooler in the summer than I think, it would need a greenhouse with really efficient evaporative cooling to live long. Practically all houses are too dark, dry, poorly ventilated, and with too small a difference between day and night temperatures to keep one alive for long. Outdoor conditions will probably be too hot and dry in summer for its health, just as they are here in southern Arizona. It wants conditions like coastal northern California--think Big Sur--where its ancestors come from.

28 Feb, 2011


Jamman, are you actually in Kuwait? Because unless Wilkinson's is worldwide, its a UK company, with branches in the UK. Cupressus Wilma is an outdoor plant in UK, won't survive indoors.

28 Feb, 2011


no, i live in the uk?? i dont know why it says kuwait?? x

28 Feb, 2011


You must have said that when you registered - go to your profile page and change it, lol, its very confusing. As I said, the Cupressus needs to be outside - but if it was in Wilkinsons inside the store, you should harden it off before leaving it outside, specially as, presumably, it's quite small.

28 Feb, 2011


That made me laugh!! fancy the computer putting you in Kuwait!! Wishful thinking of the sunshine there maybe?

28 Feb, 2011

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