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A previously healthy planted area mixed evergreens trees and bushes of varigated holly suddenly started to die off over the last winter & no sign of budding now...There might be a problem with our Septic tank nearby could this be the cause ??



The septic tank should not be causing the problems unless you use a lot of chemical cleaners in the house. In fact, the shrubs, especially the holly, would relish the extra wetness from a failed soakaway.
Could this be another victim of the early cold winter. We have an unusual situation with our long established female holly. It was laden with red berries in October. In November we had heavy snow and it was very cold. When the snow melted at the end of November the berries were black and since then the blackened berries and most of the leaves have fallen off. Time will tell if the holly is dead or not.

28 Feb, 2011


Thank you have put my mind at rest as some of these trees i have grown from a twig, over many years. Only found the site today so perhaps we will speak again ..poppy11

28 Feb, 2011


Having a problem adding a photo to my member profile. must have missed the opportunity when signing up earlier.. Any clues...for a clueless??

28 Feb, 2011


Poppy, go to your home page by clicking on your name. Then to 'profile' and there you'll find 'amend profile'. You can add a photo for your avatar there. Good luck.

28 Feb, 2011

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