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By Whit

County Durham, United Kingdom Gb

how do i look after a very old conference pear tree,eg,pruning and fertilising.
it always has a good crop of pears but by the time they are ready to eat it`s late october and the wasps etc have been at them



You don't say how large, as conference trees can get pretty big if not on dwarfing root stock. Is it in grass or a soil border. If large, be as safe as you can, and prune out any dead or diseased wood. Large old trees are difficult to spray or treat for pests, and that's why orchards have gone miniature commercially. Mostly old trees, which we have had in a past garden, just produce and you garner what is fit to eat.

28 Feb, 2011


thanks dorjac,
the tree is about 12 foot high with a spread of about 8 foot,it was in lawn, but i have patioed that area, so it now stands in a square of soil 2foot six by two foot six.

28 Feb, 2011

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