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By Mandym

Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

Some of my Morning Glory seedlings are about 5" tall and quite leggy. Should I pinch out the growing tips to encourage bushyness? Thanks Mandy



Yes, as long as there are leaves below where you pinch it out. The buds will be in the leaf axils. Don't let these get cold at all or else they will go white and stop growing for a while. Pot on into larger pots as needed and don't plant out til late May/ June.

1 Mar, 2011


Many thanks Volunteer. I'm growing them in the spare bedroom until my greenhouse is finished, I'll move them in there in April and plant out in May/June as you suggest. :o)

1 Mar, 2011


When you plant them out, bear in mind that they flower from about 4pm til the next midday, then the flower closes, so put them where you can see them! They also face Southwards!

1 Mar, 2011


This thanks is to which I have only just discovered. Thank you for the service you provide and for the website so well conceived.

7 Apr, 2014

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