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Identify these for me?
Can someone tell me what these are please? They appeared last year and I thought they were tulips but they did not develop into anything so I pulled them out(or thought I did), they have appeared again even more this year. They have a kind of a bulbous root

P3040012 P3040010



They do look rather like tulip leaves - but tulips, like most bulbs need regular feeding to produce flowers and they definately need the leaves leaving on to die off as they get a lot of food from them.

4 Mar, 2011


I will take a chance and say that these look rather like Colchicum leaves. Did you have Autumn Crocus flowering here last year, Anita?

4 Mar, 2011


Yes I did! Thankyou, I will leave them this year.

4 Mar, 2011


lilly of the valley?

5 Mar, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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