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By Lizzyw

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I have recently moved and now have a garden which needs building up from scratch. There is a beautiful old apple tree in the centre but the rest is grass. I have started to plant shrubs and perennials on the sunny side of the garden but I need to find ones which will grow well in the shade as there is a 6ft wooden fence there. Please could you advise me which ones to plant and hopefully ones which will grow quickly and fill up the garden.
Thanks, Liz



Hello there

I have had the same problem ..... well it is not really a problem as my other gardening friends tell me, as I can make the garden I want not work with the existing structures and plants.

What do you want from the shrub ? nice flowers ? scent all year interest ?

I had a similar problem as I have a fence that does not get any sun and have planted a Mahonia x media Winter sun that has lovely yellow scented flowers in the darkest days of winter and has interesting leaves the rest of the time.

Does that help ?

4 Mar, 2011


Hi Liz

There are quite a few - why not look in the gardens section of GOY for plants for shady places - I found this a great help when I was looking.

Best of luck with your garden - it seems that there a lot of us at the moment either re-vamping/re-designing their gardens or taking over new ones. it will be nice to see the outcome of them all. How about posting a few pictures of yours now before it gets too well cultivated so that we can see the difference between now and when you have progressed further ?

4 Mar, 2011


sounds like you have a lovley start to a garden the way i see it . id maybe get a little scrap book and add anything you like etc . even draw an above view of what you want . more thaught here will make life much easier for the future . its writing a list of what you want from your garden in the short and long run realy and chose from them in the end . grass is easy to manage while you give your garden a lot more thaught but thats just my opinion lol . take care bye for now .

4 Mar, 2011


Hydrangea petiolaris is a brilliant climber for your 6' fence - perfectly happy in the shade, and very pretty. There are masses of hardy geraniums, all thrive in shade, and come in white, shades of pink and blue. They seed themselves happily too. In my shade bed I also have Heuchera, Foxgloves and Hellebores. Good luck!

4 Mar, 2011

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