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By Bombom

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Can anybody identify this Plant, I collected some Cacti in the Arizona Desert and they had some Soil attached to the Roots, some time later the Plants appeared, they are very prolific, each Leaf has a miniature 2 Leafed plant on its end complete with Tiny roots, which drop off and germinate. Thank you to all who Replied




Hi it looks like one of the BRYOPHYLLUMs [re-named but dont know to what] one of its common names is mexican hat plant too.

5 Mar, 2011


Yes, Seaburngirl, you are right. It's Kalanchoe delagoensis (syn. tubiflora) syn. Bryophillum. Oh, those new names! :)

5 Mar, 2011


An ornamental escapee, rather than a native of the mother has one of these in her conservatory.

6 Mar, 2011

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