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By Awj

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How can i get rid of the plant "alexanders" which has appeared at the back of my garden? It is extremely invasive and impossible to pull out.I am worried it will spread in my garden as it has spread all over the grass verges in my locality.Eastbourne.
Any advice would be appreciated.



This is a 'native' introduced flower, an umbellifera [Smyrnium olusatrum] but is a pest. You will need to spray with a strong weedkiller and I suggest you put a physical barrier in the soil to stop roots spreading. But importantly you need to try and stop seed shaking in fro the plants . If you can strim the flowers off in the area to stop seeding this will help.

7 Mar, 2011


Thank you for your advice. I will get a strong weedkiller as you suggest and hope to eradicate it before it flowers.
It has spread from an ajoining garden where the occupant is rarely at home and one area has reverted to "jungle".I will have to suggest a good clear out would be very welcome. AWJ

7 Mar, 2011


You could try eating it to death! It is edible (I am reliably informed) and the cooked stalks taste a little like celery. :o)

8 Mar, 2011

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