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Which peas to grow? Last year i grew early onward, which are very tasty but i didnt get many peas from them until the weather changed (very hot to very wet) and destroyed them. I planted 5 plants and got 3 very small portions from them, so i was wondering which are the best peas to grow? i have limited space and want to grow something which will produce lots and lots of lovely peas.....
Thanks in advance.



Well to start with you need rather more than five pea vines if you are expecting to get a good crop! There are lots of different varieties do you want an early cropping pea an main crop or a late main crop? You will need to grow a good long row to get more than 3 meals from!

8 Mar, 2011


How about alderman, it's a climbing pea, It's a good cropper, but a row would do better than 5 plants.

9 Mar, 2011


I grew the slightly rude-sounding Hurst Greenshaft last year. They were very sweet and tasty, so much so that I ate every single one raw, rather than cooking them. They suffered when I went on holiday in August though - doh!

9 Mar, 2011


thanks everyone, as you can tell i'm still new to all this. i may be able to plant some peas in another area this year. When you say a row, how long ideally should the row be?

2ndhand, i thought all peas were climbing peas?

14 Mar, 2011


I grow Alderman as they grow to 5 or 6 feet, some only grow to about 3 feet. The need good canes and nets though to support them. Lower growing ones can manage with pea sticks.
I think if you grow tall ones you get more peas for the space they take up.
Grow as long a row as you have room for. Ideally you could sow two rows, a month apart to give you a sucession but you may not have room for that. Once they start keep picking.

14 Mar, 2011


I would agree as long a row as you can manage and preferably more than one. Haven't tried Alderman but if it grows that tall could be useful.

14 Mar, 2011

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