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Hi again,Yes I do have another gardening question.It is truly great to know that my question will be read,and that I am very grateful to people out there that helped me with my last gardening question.
I have a few conifers planted around my gardens,and they
are very healthy and also quite necessary as being on clay
soil my garden can become water-logged in some areas.
As conifers are good drinkers of water,they help immensely
with this problem.
I do love the smell of the conifer,and also how they stand proud in any garden,but I have one right in the front of my
lounge window that seem,s to be getting a little too tall.
I may not have realized when I planted it,that it would grow so tall,but again I love the fragrance from it when my
lounge window is open in summer especially after a rain
Is it safe to cut a conifer,s height by about 2ft or so,without harming the tree?
Also, if this is advisable to do,How should it be done correctly?
Kindest regards

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Brenda, you should cut more than 2ft. off your tree now as it will soon recover and make more than one new growing shoot at the top, giving you the same problem in a few years time. With care on a ladder with someone at the bottom to support it, a small bow saw will do the job, seal the cut with Arbrex. If you are not able to do the job yourself maybe your husband or a relative will help.

9 Mar, 2011

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