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Hi there, has anyone used Sulphate of Iron as a moss killer? I would like to use it on my lawn and path and it seems a good solution for large areas like mine.



I am trying to kill moss and algae with Armillotox. It is very smelly and takes a while to act, and its best if it doesn't rain for about a week! I havn't tried sulphate of iron. Isn't this what is usually in moss killers that discolours the grass for a while Linda? I am told Armillo also kills vine weevil eggs and grubs if watered on pots too.

9 Mar, 2011


yes i use it on my lawn seems to work very well but not tried it on a path.wait for a still day and just broadcast on the lawn it took about a week to see the moss going may need more than one application.just follow the instructions on the back.then rake the dead of luck.

9 Mar, 2011


My OH is a groundsman, preparing cricket and sports pitches and greens, he was talking the other day about sprays etc. Apparently a lot have been taken of the market - don't know which ones he uses. (will try and remember to ask him tonight) Something to do with EEC Regulations or that is what the reps have told him.

10 Mar, 2011


Thanks everyone. Will wait for your reply Olive.

10 Mar, 2011


Linda you can still get liquid form Sulphate of Iron so I am told by OH. No sprays now allowed he is telling me. Hope this helps. He also says that all the others have been taken off the market as I thought EEC regs.

10 Mar, 2011


you can use sulphate of iron to kill moss on lawns very effectively apply it at a rate of 35 grammes per m2 ,
It will green up your lawn and make moss go black.
However do not use it neer paths or patios ect ,as it will make them rust coloured,

14 May, 2011


The trouble is that ,if you are in a drought area, and put any treatment on your lawn, and it does not rain, soon after to water it in, you may get brown patches that do not recover well, and look awful. Watering in where there is a long drought, as in Essex, is not on as far as I am concerned. If the ground is damp and rain likely....send some here, as we are bone dry.

18 May, 2011


Hi Dorjac
We have had nothing but rain for weeks. Tomorrow the forecast is rain, wind and 11 degrees. I'm sure you cannot imagine it, but please send us some sun and heat!!!!

19 May, 2011

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