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I Have a Wistera shrub and wish to move it do the roots go down very far


By Stripy

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I Have a Wistera shrub and wish to move it. Are the roots very deep and is this the time to move it?
Vic Stone



Impossible to answer without knowing how long the plant has been in its current spot - if its more than 3 years, it'll be next to impossible to get it out intact.

9 Mar, 2011


How quickly does it need to be moved ? and as Bamboo said if it over 3 years old it may not be possible.

It may also already be too late as it will be coming into growth soon ( if not already) , but it it is not an urgent move and the plant is still smallish dig around the circumference of the plant ( if it is not against a wall that is ) to sever any radial roots and give it a serious haircut .... maybe remove up to half of the branches to get it down to one leader stem ( I assume it is being grown as a climber not as a standard) about 2 foot in height or there abouts.

Every few days keep digging a trench around and a little bit under the plant until it is kind of sitting on a pillar of soil ( if you get my meaning), then once you have dug the hole where it is to go finish the job of removing it by digging under the plant and hoiking ( a technical term) it out.

If you remove lots of the foliage and keep it well watered in its new place then you have a better chance of it making it. It is developing flower buds maybe worth removing these to get its energies into making new roots and getting stronger.

Good luck.

10 Mar, 2011

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