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Has anyone ideas for really exotic looking climbers that are hopefully hardy. Thanks.



pashion flower is right up your ally i think lol .

9 Mar, 2011


Adelaide - a lot is going to depend on the aspect (south facing is going to be the best for things that might be a little tender). Is the position sheltered or open to the elements? What is the soil like - heavy clay or sandy and free draining? And how tall a climber do you want - six feet up a trellis or over the entire front of a house?
If you can give us some guidance, I am sure we can come up with some good ideas for you

9 Mar, 2011


I would go for a chocolate vine (Akebia quinata) it is hardy, semi evergreen with three lobed leaves ( imagine a big clover like leaf) . They like a sunny partially shady spot . You can get it with brown / chocolate colour flowers and i have seen a white flowered version and flower in the spring.

The best thing is the flowers have a lovely vanilaish smell and look like something from the tropics especially if you get the seed pods which a large a sausage shaped.

Hope that helps.

10 Mar, 2011


Chocolate vine can get a bit rampant after it gets going! How about Trachelospermum jasminoides ( a favourite with GOYers!) or Clematis armandii. Or one of my faves, Actinidia kolomikta. This has the most amazing leaves that are splashed with pink and white as if paint has been dropped on them!

10 Mar, 2011


I've always found Eccromocarpus scaber to be hardy.

Glad to hear that Akebia is hardy as I'm growing some!

12 Mar, 2011

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