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I saw these plants at Highdown Gardens

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I saw these plants/seedheads at Highdown Gardens, near Worthing today. Would anyone be able to I.D. for me please?

Cimg1843cropped_photo Cimg1831cropped_photo



The first looks like hermodactylus tuberosus, a tuberous bulb or perennial from the Mediterranean area.

The second could be the seedheads from a phlomis of some sort. There are both shrubby and herbaceous members of this family

9 Mar, 2011


I've been trying to grow Hermodactylus for the last three years - I gather that it takes a while to settle down, but I haven't succeeded in getting any flowers as yet. :-(

9 Mar, 2011


mine flowered the first year and again last year. I had to lift them for the conservatory, just hope they are ok.

9 Mar, 2011


Thanks, Andrew, Spritz and Sbg. There were about twenty of them in a shady border and I was fascinated by them! Are we agreed on the second pic being a Phlomis? I hope to post a blog later, which will include these plants, and don't want to look a complete idiot ... lol!

9 Mar, 2011


The hermodactylus are really striking and so different from a lot of flowers.

I've never seen them before but they are really worth thinking about for my wish list.

9 Mar, 2011


Yes, the second one is of Phlomis seedheads. Probably P. russeliana.

10 Mar, 2011


Many thanks, Volunteer.

10 Mar, 2011

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