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Osteospermum is getting too big!


By Timant

United Kingdom Gb

Our osteospermum is taking over the bed it is in. Do I cut it back or do I split it and whatever I need to do, when is the best time to do it?

On plant Osteospermum jucundum



Hi, if it's really woody, I don't think you could split it, prune it back in Spring, this is what I did with my Spanish ones, I used to prune mine really hard then they would send out new leaves from the centre, only other thing, dig it out, replenish the soil and buy a smaller new one, they're not very expensive. You can see mine on my pics.

23 Sep, 2008


Peg a few pieces from the large plant down, when they have rooted(as they will in a very short time)then take out the old plant.

24 Sep, 2008

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