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Suggestions for a quick growing tree to act as a year round screen


By Jackie

Nottingham, United Kingdom Gb

On behalf of my sister who has lived with a garden looking out at a field for 40 years, she is now faced with a new build which is only four feet away from her boundary. Any suggestions for a quick growing tree (not conifer) which will give a good screen and be pleasant to look at for the whole year?



Eucalyptus is evergreen and delicate, also rapid growing. Ceanothus is also evergreen, darker in colour, and more of a shrub, but makes a decent hedge. This also flowers blue in May which adds interest.

4 Feb, 2007


If the soil is damp, how about birch trees? They grow in clumps (say a group of five) rather than from a single trunk. The bark peels and has incredible character. They grow rapidly. The Tate Modern planted then about five years ago. I remember them being small clumps. Today, they look like a forest.

13 Feb, 2007


It depends how much planting room you have. Bamboos in clumps are attractive and evergreen, with the lovely sound when the wind passes through. Or a post and rope frame could be put in, with roses, clematis etc planted on it, with spring bulbs underneath. Some climbing/rambling roses are evergreen or almost. It does depend on how much light the site gets and what type of soil it is.

18 Feb, 2007


Laurel makes a cracking thick hedge that is good at absorbing noise. The dark green also makes a good background for flowering plants. Also consider Aucuba japonica (spotted laurel). Viburnum x bodnantense (sp?) flowers all winter (pink pom-poms) and produces lovely scent. All depends on space, of course. If your sister does not like her new neighbours, what about Cupressocyparis x leylandii...? te he... ;-)

26 Feb, 2008


Eucalyptus meets your requirments, however be carefull where you plant it has they have equally fast growing roots, which are also shallow and they WILL cause damage to hard surfaces if they are planted too close.

Don't be so ridgemental with the "evergreen" thing, Silver birch for example are just as equally beautiful with their leaves has they are without them.

Take care,


23 Aug, 2008


I agree with Scott, don't act to hastily. Things you plant could have an adverse affect on your property and your new neighbour.

One or two of the very white barked Birches would be lovely, in spring, summer and Autumn there will be leaf. In winter you use the "new build" to your advantage as a foil for the stark but beautiful bones of the tree.

9 Sep, 2011


I am in 2007

9 Sep, 2011

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